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Hello, my name is Sergey and I solve issues in IT industry. I cannot use term "a developer" to describe myself because of 3 things.

  • The first is the modern development process relays on existing libraries and so-called "developers" quite often just juggle with a few solutions which solve about 80% of a task. As the result their jobs become to find it, join together and write 20% of a business logic. I don't think that it's bad - who cares who wrote the main part of an application (especially business). Maters only the fact that a product does the job and does it well. So I describe myself as "an integration engineer".

  • The second point is for real developers. We read a dozen books, articles and other information about how to write a good software following a best practices. We know that a lot of good things were discovered before and it's stupid to not follow them. We make a research before take an unknown (from the technical side) task. But time to time I allow myself to do "a bad things" in favour of some business requirements. A client should get only the best experience and the internal "beauty" is not an excuse. I'm sorry but "client first" is the rule for me.

  • The third part is I like to take a part in a product's life. A lot of developers afraid of it, but I'm not the case. I really enjoy to think about how people will use it, what the experience they will have and what we should change to make it better. It was always a mystery to me how you can build an internals without a knowledge how it will be used in the end and how it's going to transform in the future. Well, predictions is not my best side, so I try to get all the details of a product and suggest a better variants if I know them.

  • EVAlarm

    A platform for emergency situation management

    The most interesting product in the recent times of my life. As from the day #1 the project had a couple of clients, so we have been focusing on applying the right technical solution, delivering releases at the time and improve the concept by talking with the customers and analyzing their experience. On the project I was building the web interface. Due to the system was designed to be modular the web interface was just another client (like iOS and android apps). This situation forced us to use a modern development way - frontend over backend (the backend was used only a destructive operation on the API).

  • OnApp

    A hosting IaaS

    It was a large 4 years project which had many problems with the billing part. A badly written agile code was spread around the system. It had a lot of duplication and was the most popular type of clients' problems. I was hired to clean up this mess and extract the billing logic into a pluggable module. After 6 months without a pause in the release cycle we achieved the goal. As the result the amount of issues was reduced to few in a month, the clients were free to use this feature and the sales department got an extra option to sell the product with/without it.

  • PxC calcularor

    A box configurator for PxC

    Phoenix Contact requested to a configurator which helps its clients to find a suitable box. The search can be made in two ways:

    • a user selects a box and a terminals and the page shows are they compatible;
    • a user selects terminals and the page finds a compatible box;
  • PharmacyPGD

    Private PGDs for UK Pharmacists

    The website was a unique product at the beginning of 2010. At the time I joined it the owner decided to create a brand new section targeted to improve patient consultation. Doctors have been using a tablet device in their practice, so the section was built with the responsible design in mind. To protect the sensitive information we applied 2-steps authorization and restricted the access to the UK.


  • Postgres
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Mongodb
  • Sqlite3


  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • Go


  • Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Begoo
  • Martini
  • Expressjs


  • Angularjs
  • Reactjs
  • Knockoutjs
  • Jquery & Bootstrap


  • RSpec
  • Minitest
  • Mocha


  • Git
  • Unix
  • DoCSSa/BEM

Sergey Pchelintsev




About me

Hello, my name is Sergey and I solve issues in IT industry. I cannot use term "a developer" to describe myself because of 3 things.